Dr. Day and her team are thrilled to offer cutting edge non-light, non-laser treatments that can transform the tone and texture of any skin type and skin color. With the sublative rejuvenation achieved through the eMatrix, patients can experience skin benefits ranging from wrinkle reduction, tightening, improved luminosity, and enhanced texture. Additionally, sublative rejuvenation has been clinically proven effective for scar revision and the treatment of superficial skin lesions, such as pesky acne scars.

eMatrix effectively strikes the balance between delivering powerful energy below the skin to attack the structural causes of skin imperfections and protecting the outer epidermis from risk of damage by heat or light energy. The device uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate through the skin and focus energy on the collagen network underneath. Better yet, the eMatrix device is a highly customizable modality and can be adjusted to provide more mild or more aggressive treatment, depending on your individual goals.

Many of the more focused and aggressive treatments associated with lifting and retexturing are associated with weeks, if not months, of downtime and high risks of skin discoloration. By penetrating only the deeper levels of skin, eMatrix can successfully avoid causing inflammatory-pigmentation and discoloration commonly visible on the surface levels of skin after aggressive treatments.

What Can I Expect With Treatment?

eMatrix appointments are short and straightforward. Dr. Day and her associates will use topical anesthetic and cooling ointments to help make you as comfortable as possible during your customized treatment. Many patients report feeling a warm, prickly sensation. After treatment, many patients feel as though they have a slight sunburn, with the skin mildly pink or red. Two to five days after treatment, patients often experience mild flakiness as deeper levels of the skin exfoliate. If bothersome, patients can use hypoallergenic and unscented cosmetics to soothe and cover any mild redness and return to regular activities. Dr. Day typically recommends three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart, but will consult you on your specific treatment protocol depending on your skincare needs and goals. Patients can expect to start seeing results one week after treatment and will continue seeing gradual improvements up to a full year after the procedure.

Is eMatrix right for me?

If you seek to reveal your healthiest, smoothest skin with fewer discolorations, depressions, and lines, eMatrix may be ideal. Post treatment, patients notice the effects of increased collagen and elastin and note that their all around skin texture is vastly improved. Though sublative rejuvenation through eMatrix may be used on all skin types and colors, certain skin conditions (such as eczema) may prohibit patients from receiving this specific treatment.

We pride ourselves on providing personalized results for all of our patients. Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals with Dr. Day and discover if eMatrix is right for you!