At Home Treatments

Dr. Day often recommends patients incorporate at-home treatments into your hair growth regimen. All of these products that help with hair thinning and loss are available at your drugstore or online. Many contain the FDA approved active minoxidil, alone or in combination with other ingredients. Your dermatologist may also custom-make a hair growth formulation adding in prescription-strength ingredients not otherwise available.


Minoxidil is FDA approved to grow hair in both men and women and is available in various concentrations. The products we carry also include other beneficial supporting ingredients. Dr. Day has incorporated these supporting ingredients into her own hair growth kit. She utilizes niacinamide and caffeine to minimize irritation, improve absorption and optimize the anti-aging benefits to the skin and follicles.


These play an integral role in fostering a healthier environment for hair growth, targeting scalp skin and follicles by improving circulation and strengthening hair. They work well with other components of a hair growth program to support and optimize results. Dr. Day has compiled her own proprietary Esteem Botanical Hair Drops that contain a mix of natural activities to help support hair growth. Julien Farel products contain an excellent cocktail of antioxidants, such as resveratrol, in a formulation that leaves the scalp rejuvenated. It even helps those who have itching, scale and redness of the scalp with or without hair loss.

Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy can combat hair thinning and loss while you are at home. The early hair combs are now also offered in versions that look like baseball hats, which cover a broad surface of the scalp and have better diodes that provide excellent energy. They influence the hair growth in three stages (1. Stops hair loss; 2. Current hair becomes thicker and fuller; 3. Regrowth of new hair). Three brands that I trust for at home laser caps are: Theradome, Capillus, and The Laser Cap.