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Hair Loss, Why It Happens and What You Need To Know To Grow It Back
Hair shedding and loss is one of the most common concerns I see. If you or someone you care about are experiencing hair thinning, shedding or loss, this article was written for you!
New Year's Detox and 5 Easy Resolutions for a Beautiful Year Ahead
Before you make your New Year's resolutions, read on for tips on how to get your new year off to a beautiful start!
Celebrating the Best of Beauty this Holiday Season
This is a special time of the year, a time to reflect on all that is important, a time to celebrate ourselves and those we love and a time to plan for the year to come. I’m happy to share my holiday favorites and what I hope you will enjoy as you celebrate this season.
How to Manage the Effects of Stress on Your Skin
Stress can accelerate aging of your skin and other organs as well. There are simple techniques you can do at home to help you look and feel your best, even when times are stressful.
Maskne: How It Happens and How to Fix It
Masks are here to stay, learn how to wear them effectively to minimize rashes and breakouts. There are effective ways to minimize and manage including avoiding irritants, wearing a proper fitting mask with material designed for the face and using the right product to treat reactions as they happen.
Which Sunscreen is Right for You?
First, let’s set the record straight “But I wore sunscreen!” It’s a line I hear every day in my office from a seriously tanned patient who insists they wore sunscreen; implying that the deep tan I’m seeing can’t possibly be...
Pre, Pro, and Post Biotics 101: What They Are and Why You Need to Know
The Goal: Optimize your skin and gut microbiomes to enhance health, beauty and longevity. The Problem: “Optimized” has yet to be elucidated Definitions: Microbiome: Think of this as the population in a community. In this case, though, the population is to...
The Covid Conundrum
We all know the feeling. A new year starts and we are resolute. “This is the year I will take better care of myself”.  Shortly thereafter, for many of us, life happens and we slowly start to lose sight of...
Face Fillers vs. Plastic Surgery

I want a more youthful complexion—what cosmetic procedure is right for me?
By Emily Hebert

Contrary to what you might assume, face fillers —Botox, Radiesse, Juvéderm, etc.—cost about the same as a face-lift: “The pricing doesn’t come out to be that different,” says dermatologist Doris

How to Use Fillers to the most Natural, Youthful Appearance
Lips send a message even when they’re not moving. To create beautiful natural lips I often combine devices such as lasers and radiofrequency or ultrasound, products that contain antioxidants..
Birthdays are for Celebrating
Birthdays are for celebrating, even if the ones we cherish are not here to blow out their own candles.I would give anything to have had more time with my sister; her birthday was last week. All the heartache and pain...
3 Top Tips To Save Your Skin This Winter
Winter is approaching and for most of us that means it is time to tackle our changing skin needs. As the air outside gets colder and the humidity decreases, indoor heat gets hotter and drier...