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Summer Skincare
Summer is a time for outdoors, sun and fun! Here's how you can enjoy your summer without ruining your skin.
What to Look for in Your Skin Care Products
Your skin care needs can change by the season, read my newest post on my blog to learn what you need as we transition from winter to Spring and the warmer summer months.
Organic, Clean and Natural Beauty, Oh My! Navigating Buzzwords in Skin Care
As a dermatologist and skin care professional, I navigate a landscape wrought with potential pitfalls. I want to give my patients and you, my reader, the best advice, direction and confidence in the products and ingredients I mention..
Maskne: How It Happens and How to Fix It
Masks are here to stay, learn how to wear them effectively to minimize rashes and breakouts. There are effective ways to minimize and manage including avoiding irritants, wearing a proper fitting mask with material designed for the face and using the right product to treat reactions as they happen.