When the skin goes through trauma, whether it be from accidents or surgery, there is a possibility of scarring. We can celebrate those who think of their scars as battle wounds, however, many individuals may see their scars as painful reminders or unsightly imperfections. Scars can present in many different ways, such as a keloid scar, hypertrophic scar, or contracture scar. Since there are many different types of scars, and their severity can vary, treatment for the scars needs to be specific. Fortunately, Dr. Day has a powerful arsenal of tools she can use to drastically reduce the appearance of stubborn scars. Once you have an appointment with Dr. Day, she is able to develop a treatment plan specifically for you!

With TotalFX, Dr. Day combines the ActiveFX and DeepFX systems to provide one of her most comprehensive treatment. Deeper skin problems like scars can be effectively treated with this complete resurfacing treatment. Dr. Day loves combining the two systems and recommends TotalFX for the majority of patients interested in resurfacing, however your specific protocol will depend on your specific goals and areas of concern.

Many studies have shown that treatment with intense pulsed light (IPL) can effectively reduce the appearance of hypertrophic scars and keloid scars. The versatility of the IPL, due to the wide range of available wave lengths, allows Dr. Day to treat a multitude of types of scars, reducing their hardness and redness.