As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. This is why it is common for patients to feel particularly sensitive to the aesthetics of this special part of the face. When a person ages naturally, the eyes, eyelids, and eyebrows can begin to drop, creating unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. There are a number of ways that our team at Day Dermatology & Aesthetics can work to preserve the unique sparkle of your eyes, while minimizing the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and flaccidity.


To treat the skin surrounding the eyes, we offer a unique laser protocol. Our Fotona Eyelase is a revolutionary eye smoothing treatment that can improve the quality of the skin around the eye to subsequently tighten, reduce wrinkles, and decrease flaccidity. Thermally induced laser energy heats the tissue, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which lifts the eyes to create a smoother, youthful appearance. Treatments are quick — no injections and no downtime. During the Fotona Eyelase laser eye treatment, patients may feel heat around the eye and eyelid area, which will subside within an hour or so.

As the only device that is FDA approved to lift and tighten skin without surgery, Ultherapy is a non-surgical device that uses ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen deep beneath the skin's surface. To reduce wrinkles around the eye, while simultaneously lifting the eyebrows, Ultherapy is a popular treatment for patients looking to lift and tighten without invasive, surgical procedures.

Thermage was cleared by the FDA in 2002 and is a non-invasive procedure used to smooth and tighten the skin of the face and body. Its unique monopolar capacitive radiofrequency technology safely heats deep layers of skin. This activates the underlying existing collagen and stimulates new collagen growth that often continues for as long as 2-6 months after treatment, meaning results will continue to improve after initial treatment.