Isolaz is a cutting edge new laser designed to treat acne while also killing the acne causing bacteria quickly and easily through several short, painless sessions. Isolaz is the only system cleared by the FDA for pustular and comedonal acne, as well as more serious cases of acne vulgaris. Clinical studies show that 85% of patients who have an Isolaz treatment will experience clearer skin. In addition to attacking existing breakouts and killing bacteria, Isolaz can help with sun damaged skin, general facial redness and veins, and even unwanted hair.

Isolaz is powered by a breakthrough technology called Photopneumatics, which is the only therapy in the world that combines a vacuum and painless laser to give your pores a deep clean, purifying them from the inside out. The vacuum component first loosens and extracts dirt, blackheads, and excess oil from within your pores. Next, the medical broadband light destroys the acne causing bacteria. Together, they work to soften and remove blackheads, dead cells, and other debris from deep within your pores, giving lesions a chance to heal and treating breakouts at their source.

What Can I Expect With Isolaz Treatment?

Isolaz is quick, easy and painless. In fact, many people have their treatments done during lunch! After treatment, patients find that their skin feels tighter and has a healthy radiant glow. In a published clinical study, an astounding 100% of patients noted Isolaz Photopneumatic treatments were painless. Unlike many other treatments, Isolaz does not leave patients sensitive to light. Most patients only experience slight redness after treatment that lasts no more than a few hours. Dr. Day typically recommends a series of five treatments. However, a personalized protocol will be crafted for you at your consultation.

Is Isolaz Right for Me?

Acne is one of the most common skin complaints affecting not only teenagers, but also adults as a result of environmental factors or hormonal and lifestyle changes. Everyone deserves clear skin, and if you are looking for a simple and easy way to reveal the beautiful skin hiding under mild to moderate acne, Isolaz might be the perfect treatment option for you. Isolaz works best on skin with enlarged and clogged pores, blackheads, pimples, and inflammation on the face, back, chest, or arms. Though Isolaz can be used on any skin type, if your acne is cystic, other treatments may be recommended instead. Call us today today for a consultation!