Do you frequently experience dry or cracked skin Accompanied by scaly patches and raised bumps?

You may be dealing with psoriasis, a persistent inflammatory skin condition that often affects the elbows, hairline, and neck. Some cases of psoriasis are so mild that people are unaware they even have it. Alternatively, severe psoriasis may cover large areas of the body. 

Psoriasis is now known to be an autoimmune condition that has a genetic predisposition. The classic areas where it first appears are on areas of high friction such as knees and elbows, but it also commonly appears on the scalp, lower back, genitals, and face. For those with severe symptoms, no body area is off limits. Chances are, if you have psoriasis, a family member has it as well. While psoriasis is often seen on the skin, it is a pro-inflammatory condition that can affect other organs, including the joints and the heart and, interestingly enough, even the tongue!

Not everything works for everyone - discuss these handy psoriasis hacks with your doctor to see if they could help maximize your treatment:

1. Weight management: Research shows making an effort to stay trim improves psoriasis symptoms. 

2. Leaky Gut Protocol: Ask your doctor about this life changing combination of dietary guidelines and supplements...the scientific data is there!

3. Topicals or Injectable Biologics: Make an appointment with Day Dermatology and Aesthetics. Our medical team can help you find the right solution to manage your psoriasis.