Rashes are a clue. They can be itchy, painful, or just unsightly. There are many possible underlying causes, but rashes are often an indication of something else going on within the body. For this reason, even though many rashes may clear on their own, it is important to get them evaluated by your board-certified dermatologist who can do a culture or biopsy (take a small skin sample) if needed.  While many rashes may look similar, your rash will be assessed based on its subtleties and its distribution on your body to better understand the cause. With this information, the medical team can explain the best treatment to help it clear as quickly as possible. 

Rashes are most commonly due to:

. Viruses

. Medications  

. Irritants 

. Allergens 

. Yeast 

. Bacteria 

. Psoriasis/Eczema 

. Systemic Disease