Are you hiding your excessive sweating from your friends? Is it stopping you from going on dates or job interviews?

If asked to choose one condition for which successful treatment results in the most "thank you" calls, we would say hyperhidrosis. Treatment typically comes with the realization that wearing colors, feeling confident on dates or interviews, and reducing the dry cleaning bill are all possible! 

An estimated three million people suffer from this disorder. It develops most frequently in adolescence or young adulthood and can be exacerbated by stress, emotional fluctuation, or exercise. It can also occur spontaneously...so unfair! Patients with hyperhidrosis produce an amount of sweat that far exceeds that needed to regulate body temperature, causing dehydration and a range of other skin problems. 

It is not necessary to go to extremes to hide excessive sweating. There are a range of exciting treatment options from prescription products to in-office treatments to manage this condition. We can help!

Prescription Treatments

Dr. Day can prescribe an easy-to-use, at-home medication approved for excessive sweating. 

Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Botox works to relax the tiny muscles that push out sweat from the sweat glands. More relaxed muscles means less sweat in the treated area. Treatments may need to be repeated at 3-5 month intervals.