Nothing has the power to disguise your true beauty like red, irritated skin. Do not let diffuse redness distract from your most youthful, glowing self. Dr. Day has an arsenal of powerful devices, peels, and topical treatments at her disposal to treat redness. Most of our treatments targeting redness work to attack redness at its source, all while providing you with the most comfortable and luxurious experience available.

The customized intense pulsed light (IPL) delivered by our state of the art M22 Lumenis device reduces redness at its source. Dr. Day’s rejuvenizing fotofacial begins with a thorough assessment of your skin type and texture, followed by the pain-free delivery of powerful light energy. Many of our patients who suffer from rosacea and are looking to reduce redness regard Dr. Day’s specialty fotofacial as essential to revealing their most gorgeous skin.

If you suffer the vascular or pigmented lesions associated with rosacea, skin damage, or aging, the V-Beam laser may be an ideal treatment option to help you remove such imperfections and treat redness. The V-Beam uses an intense beam of light, delivered in long pulses, that is absorbed by the blood vessels in the skin. These blood vessels are then reabsorbed by the body, hence removing the unwanted, damaged, or diseased cells without harming the surrounding healthy cells.