Light & Bright Brightening Pads by Doris Day MD Skincare

Light & Bright Brightening Pads by Doris Day MD Skincare

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Skin Brightening Treatment Pads

The perfect dose of lightening and brightening in the power of an exfoliating pad. Each soft-woven pad exfoliates and cleans away oil, debris, and hyperpigmented skin layers. This helps clear the way for superior skin brightening and radiance. Formulated with a combination of Hydroquinone-free skin brighteners, exfoliants, and natural antioxidants, indicated for supplementing the actions of skin lightening medications or providing patients with a Hydroquinone-free maintenance agent. Kojic acid is believed to inactivate tyrosinase, an enzyme required for pigment production, and thereby brighten the skin. Vitamin C has been shown clinically to possess brightening and skin-soothing properties. Hydroxy Acids enhance penetration and accelerate the exfoliation of hyperpigmented cells.

Brighten and exfoliate with this daily treatment pad that minimizes dark spots as it helps boost skin hydration and reduce fine lines.

Directions: Before first use, test for skin sensitivity as described in the package insert. Gently glide pad all over the face, avoid the eye area. Use in the morning and night, or as directed.