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Body Retinol Doris Day MD
Retinol Body Serum by Doris Day MD Skincare
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Retinol Body Serum by Doris Day MD Skincare

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Retinol Body Serum

Our Retinol Body Serum has been featured in Huda Beauty and Real Simple as the most powerful anti-aging treatment for your entire body!

Doris Day MD's Retinol Body Serum practically melts into your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated while reducing the appearance of sun damage on your arms, legs, chest, and back. Body retinol is great for areas of crepey skin, fine lines, discoloration, and sun damage.

We recommend applying to your neck and decolletage daily as this is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. For best results apply at night, layering under your favorite moisturizer. Be sure to apply sunscreen to treated areas during the day.

Directions: Apply a generous amount of Esteem Retinol Body Serum to body nightly or every other night. Use SPF 30+ sunscreen daily on areas treated.